Privacy Policy

The protection of your privacy and your personal data is one of our highest priorities.

Responsible contact for any questions regarding our privacy policy:
Michael Ruby
Liebensteinstr. 6
14195 Berlin

Collection of general information

When you access this website through your web browser, the data of your specific request is submitted to our systems. The data contains the requested web page, the type of your web browser, your computer's operating system, the hostname of your internet service provider, and your current internet protocol address (IP address). The data itself does not allow a direct reconstruction of who you are. However, collecting the data is technically required to deliver the content of the page you requested to you. This is how the internet works.

Since the protection of your privacy is one of our hightest priorities, your data is not stored in a permanent way on our systems. All your data is deleted after delivering the requested content to you. Since the data is not stored on a hard disk, and just kept in our system's memory for the short time of your request, it becomes unlikely that, e.g., in the worst case of a successful cyber attack, your data may be compromised.

Transport encryption

All the data exchanged between your web browser and our systems is protected by modern encryption technologies (SSL).

When is your data deleted?

We collect data that is necessary to process your request and deliver the content to your web browser. The data is deleted immediatelly after the connection between your web browser and our systems is closed.

Your rights of information

You have the rights to be informed about all your data that is stored on our systems. Furthermore, you have the rights that we change or delete your data upon your request.

Changes to our privacy policy

This privacy policy may be changed in the future to always fulfill the laws. In any case, for each request of our website the currently valid privacy policy may be found on this page.